Experience has a huge importance, when it comes to processing both complexed projects and hard and heavy cargos. Managing complexed transportation for large-scale projects needs experienced, clever knowledgeable employees, who are ready to study and research all versions, potential problems, physical and non-physical obstacles and make fast and decisive actions as a response to emergencies.

BDS LOGISTIC is actively involved in the implementation of projects of various companies. The goal of our company is to establish long-term and solid relationships with our clients, with whom we develop permanent and stable projects ordered from private companies or state structures.

Easy & Convenient

Our professional employees are very flexible. They ensure all your transportation needs to be easy and comfortable.

Safe & Secure

Our experience in international freight forwarding work is a guarantee of safe transportation of your cargos.

Special Services

  • Oversized project.

    Transportation of oversized cargos that do not fit the standard parameters or require a high-capacity vehicle.

  • Animal transportation.

    We operate air or land transportation of large or small animals.

  • Liquid cargo transportation.

    Liquid cargos such as oil, drinks, concentrated products can be transported by specific transports, which are equipped with the special tanks.

Special Solutions

For achieving uninterrupted delivery without any additional expanses, our team works and makes decisions. This is a guarantee of safe and on time delivery service.

  • Escort of cargo;
  • Crane service;
  • Cargo loading and fastening service;
  • Providing export/import documentation;