Our team of land transportation thoroughly tries to  become acquainted with your requirements and offer the most convenient solution for a quick and quality transportation. We are able to transfer standard cargos by appropriate transport or other acceptable conditions in accordance with our customer needs, therefore tariffs and terms are suitable for the demands of our clients.

Except the land transportation service of standard goods, the company also ensures transportation of ADR (dangerous cargo) and  cargo transportation under the temperature regime.

FTL – full truckload shipments. We carry out full truckload shipments from and to Europe, former CIS countries, Caucasus, central Asia and Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Transportation is accomplished with the co-operation with the reliable partners and drivers. This is guarantee of a safe and fast transportation to the destination.

LTL – less than load freight. BDS LOGISTIC  owns warehouses in the main parts of Europe and ensures weekly transportation of groupage cargos to Georgia and to other countries of Caucasus. We also ensure transportation of groupage cargos from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Turkey and other countries.

Easy & Convenient

Our professional employees are very flexible. They ensure all your transportation needs to be easy and comfortable.

Safe & Secure

Our experience in international freight forwarding work is a guarantee of safe transportation of your cargos.

Special Services

  • Oversized project.

    Transportation of oversized cargos that do not fit the standard parameters or require a high-capacity vehicle.

  • Animal transportation..

    We operate air or land transportation of large or small animals.

  • Liquid cargo transportation.

    Liquid cargos such as oil, drinks, concentrated products can be transported by specific transports, which are equipped with the special tanks.

Special Solutions

For achieving uninterrupted delivery without any additional expanses, our team works and makes decisions. This is a guarantee of safe and on time delivery service.

  • Escort of cargo;
  • Crane service;
  • Cargo loading and fastening service;
  • Providing export/import documentation;