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BDS LOGISTIC offers its customers a full range of service, that includes communication with a seller/sender, determining cargo details and planning loading processes.

After receiving your cargo, we monitor the transportation on a daily basis, until the cargo is unloaded at the destination.

Company also ensures a brokerage service in each level of transportation, that includes both preparing needed documentation and export and import clearance procedures.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery time in case of groupage cargo varies from 12 to 18 days, and vehicle load time is 8-10 days. It is ordinary depended on from which country the transportation happens.

EX-1 is an export declaration, that is made by shipper/seller.

EUR.1 is used to certify the origin of a product, and if applicable, benefit from favorable trade terms and avoid additional expanses regarding custom clearance.

It is usually made by a sender/seller, however, if the document is not provided, we can manage and make this certificate.

Air freight is based on both the actual weight and chargeable weight of the cargo. Then higher one is used for the price calculation.

Formula for calculating chargeable weight:

(Length (cm) x Width (cm) x height (cm)) ÷ 6000 = weight (KGs)

Pallet is used for transportation. A pallet is a flat transport structure for avoiding damage of a product. The product is placed on the pallet and is packed.


Pallets can be various types, sizes. It can also be made with wood or plastic, however, generally Euro and American pallets are used.

Sizes of euro pallet:

Length – 120 cm, width – 0.80 cm, height – up to 250 cm.

Sizes of American pallet:

Length – 120 cm, width – 100 cm, height – up to 250 cm.

The final location of your product in Georgia is customs zone” Gezi Tbilisi”, from where a receiver has to come and take the cargo.

If there is a full truckload shipment, after custom clearance, cargo can be delivered to the specific address in Georgia.

Transportation price is calculated in accordance with the dimensions and weight – How much space of transport is occupied with the product and how many kilograms it weighs.

When you import goods, you have to make three types of taxes – value-added tax, customs clearance fee and import taxes.

value-added tax (VAT) – 18% of product price mentioned in commercial invoice + transport cost;

Customs clearance fee is depended on the price mentioned in commercial invoice:

For the product which costs up to 3 000 GEL – 100 GEL;

For the product which costs from 3 000 to 15 000 GEL – 300 GEL;

For the product which costs more than 15 000 GEL – 400 GEL.

Import taxes are depended on the type of cargo. In most cases it is nothing or 3%, 5% or 12 % of the price of the imported goods.


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